Magdalena Zasada

An outstanding veterinary specialist with a world-class knowledge. An absolute authority to treat chronic renal failure. Very committed to treatment of my pets (cats). She approaches both panicky caregivers and their four-legged friends with incredible cordiality and empathy, always providing a gentle and very thorough examination, without any haste. All decisions are well thought out and agreed with the owner, and the patient’s well-being is always a priority. She offers comprehensive treatment, no routine, no referral to other vets! All tests are performer on site during the visit. She can easily chat with the cat’s owner while taking cat’s blood, and the cat will allow it without protest, as if hypnotised. With the undisputed experience and accurate diagnoses made by Dr. Barbara Zacharewicz, my four-legged friends have been of sound health showing the joys of everyday life, for which I am very grateful.

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