Andżelika Leja

The best Vet I have ever known! I met doctor Zacharewicz over five years ago, when I came to her with my ill Bernese Mountain Dog – Viking. Since then he is under care of doc Barbara Zacharewicz. I can honestly say that my Viking lives thanks to the fast and a precise diagnosis and effective treatment. Viking, since he was a puppy, has problems with renal failure, hypertension, “does not concentrate the urine”, and has many allergies, etc. Thanks to doc Zacharewicz, he is doing great, the results are very good and he is in good shape and in stable condition.
Doctor Barbara Zacharewicz is very communicative and approachable, gives the owner full and clear information about the dog’s health condition. Explains the reasons she chooses the specific methods of treatment, answers all questions and fully explains how to take care of a dog at home. What is especially important, if there is a need she remains in contact at all time.
I have full confidence and trust in doc Zacharewicz knowledge and capabilities. She is a great specialist, excellent nephrologist and a very good veterinarian in general. She loves her job and has a great attitude towards animals.
I highly recommend doc Barbara Zacharewicz. You can be sure that your pets are in the best hands.

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