Irena Piechuta

In 2018 I visited veterinary surgeon, Barbara Zacharewicz, with my bernese mountain dog, Apis.
Apis suffered from nephrology disease, one of his kidneys had a neoplastic tumor so I needed a trusted veterinarian to approve the diagnosis. The breeders recommended Barbara Zacharewicz, she was the nephrologist who examined Apis and gave the correct opinion. She is well trained and experienced, tested him skillfuly and competently in order to give  us a clear diagnosis. Nephrektomy saved his life. After the recovery Doctor Zachrewicz gave us a full description about the nutrition, pharmaceuticals and diet supplements. Apis was able to live like an ordinary dog even without kidney.

If you need veterinary professional help, especially with renal problems, doctor Zacharewicz will provide your pet with the best possible care!

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